The Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society are published annually and contains articles from the Nordic Rheology Conference. Volume 18 presents papers from the combined NRC/AERC 2010.

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2017 Vol. 25


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2016 Vol. 24

Establishing an experimental preconditioning procedure for rheological characterization of oil-Based drilling fluids
D. Assembayev, V. Myrseth, B. Werner, K. R. Gyland, A. Saasen, Z. Ibragimova, J. D. Ytrehus
Food, Pharmaceutical and Biorheology
Rheological characterization of styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer modified bi- tumens
O.-V. Laukkanen, H. H. Winter, H. Soenen, and J. Seppa ̈la ̈
Complex viscoelastic fluid properties of a tiny worm
M. Backholm, W. S. Ryu, and K. Dalnoki-Veress
Impact of silver nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of aquabacterium biofilms
Y. Schmitt, A. Grün, N. Jonas, D. Demeshko, W. Manz, and S. Rathgeber
Interfacial assembly of class II hydrophobin HFBI
A. Paananen, M. Lienemann, and M. Linder
Drug-loaded poly(e-caprolactone) for 3D printing of personalized medicine: a rheological study
J. Aho, N. Genina, M. Edinger, J.P. Botker, S. Baldursdottir, and J. Rantanen
Direct conversion of creep data to dynamic moduli
M. K. Kwon, S. H. Lee, S. G. Lee, and K. S. Cho
General Rheology and Rheometry
Rheology and Small Angle Neutron Scattering of model polymer systems
L. Hengeller, Q. Huang, A. Dorokhin, N. J. Alvarez, J. Judas, K. Kirkensgaard, O. Hassager, K. Mortensen and K. Almdal
Nanorheology of thin polymer films
M. Backholm, M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, E. Raphaël and K. Dalnoki-Veress
Invited Lectures
Rheology of complex fluid-fluid interfaces
J. Vermant, M. Pepicelli, J. Samaniuk, M. Nagel, P. Beltramo, and T. Tervoort
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Flow Simulation
Particulate and Fibrous Dispersions
Rapid discrimination of endo- and exo-cellulases
K. J. Pedersen, H. A. Elsalhi, R. Khoury, C. S. Vesterager, and S. Hvidt
Structural, micro and macro-rheological properties of ternary Silica-Pluronic F127-Starch system
Y. Petkova-Olsson, C. Oelschlaeger, H. Ullsten, and L. Järnström
Rheological properties of aquaeous nano-cellulosic dispersions
T. Moberg, K. Sahlin, K. Yao, S. Geng, G. Westman, A. Zhou, K. Oksman, and M. Rigdahl
Strength and water interactions of cellulose I filaments wet-spun from cellulose nanofibril hydrogels
M. J. Lundahl, A. G. Cunha, E. Rojo, A. C. Papageorgiou, L. Rautkari, J. C. Arboleda, and O. J. Rojas
Poster Presentations
Structural and rheological properties of model nutritional beverage emulsions Stabilized by Bovine Lactoferrin: Influence of pH and Oil Type
A. Sreedhara, G. E. Vegarud, A. Sarkar, T. G. Devold, E.-O. Rukke, D. Ekeberg, and R. B. Schüller
Understanding the temperature effect on the rheology of water-bentonite suspensions
Z. Vryzas, Y. Wubulikasimu, D. I. Gerogiorgis, and V. C. Kelessidis
Understanding the temperature effect on the rheology of water-bentonite suspensions
Z. Vryzas, Y. Wubulikasimu, D. I. Gerogiorgis, and V. C. Kelessidis


2015 Vol. 23

Food, Pharmaceutical and Biorheology
Rheology of salmon skin mucus
C. Taylor Nordgård, K. Ingar Draget and T. Seternes
General Rheology and Rheometry
Rheological analysis of the low-temperature dynamics of bitumens
O.-V. Laukkanen, H. H. Winter, and H. Soenen
Macroporous alginate gels
E. Schuster and A. Ström
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Ostomy Care
T. Floch, O. Hassager and B. Bingöl
Effect of shear vs. extensional flow during swallowing
M. Stading, W. Qazi, M. Nyström, M. Berta, M. Bülow, O. Ekberg
Invited Lectures
Rheological requirements for continuous filament spinning of cellulose-ionic liquid so- lutions
M. Hummel, A. Michud, S. Asaadi, Y. Ma, L. K. J. Hauru, E. Hartikainen, and H. Sixta
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Flow Simulation
Particulate and Fibrous Dispersions
Spontaneous dispersion of particles on fluid-liquid interfaces
P. Singh, N. Musunuri, and I. S. Fischer
Electric field driven hierarchical self-assembly of monolayers of mixtures of particles
N. Musunuri, K. Shah, M. Hossain, S. K. Gurupatham, E. Amah, I. Fischer, and P. Singh
Microfibrillated Cellulose Suspensions in Slot Flow
V. Kumar, D. Bousfield, and M. Toivakka
Poster Presentations
Edible Boger fluid and its rheology at human physiological conditions
W. Qazi, M. Nyström, O. Ekberg, and M. Stading
Calibration of a Jar-Tester replicated in a Rotational Rheometer
E. Alvarenga, R. Barfod Schüller, and C. Salas-Bringas
In-Vitro Dynamic Model of the Stomach and Small Intestine for Milk Products with Rheological Monitoring - First Prototype
C. Salas-Bringas, S. Stenberg, M. Tysse, T. Devold, G. Vegarud, I. Comi, R. Ulleberg, E.-O Rukke, and R. Barfod Schüller
Electrorheology of Barium Titanates - The Role of the Particle Size
T. Plachy, L. Munster, I. Kuritka, and V. Pavlinek
Investigation of the correlation between electrospinnability and viscosity
X. Liu, S. Baldursdottir, H. Qu, L. P. Christensen, J. Rantanen, M. Yang
Establishing an Experimental Preconditioning Procedure for Rheological Characterization of Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
D. Assembayev, V. Myrseth, B. Werner, K. R. Gyland, A. Saasen, Z. Ibragimova, J. D. Ytrehus


2014 Vol. 22

Food Rheology and Industrial Applications
Model Fluids for Safe Swallowing: A Rheological Perspective
W. Qazi, M. Nyström, M. Bülow, O. Ekberg, and M. Stading
Food Oral Design
M. Stading
Assessing the Handleability of Bread Dough
C. Tock, F. Gates, C. Speirs, G. Tucker, P. Robbins, and P. Cox
Solubility of Small-molecule Drugs into Polymer Excipients in Hot Melt Extruded Dosage Forms
J. Aho, M. Edinger, J.P. Boetker, S. Baldursdottir, and J. Rantanen
Influences of Wet Torrefaction on Pelletability and Pellet Properties of Norwegian Forest Residues
Q.-V. Bach, N. Mišljenović, K.-Q. Tran, C. Salas-Bringas, and Ø. Skreiberg
Flow-Viz– A Fully Integrated and Commercial In-Line Fluid Characterization System for Industrial Applications
J. Wiklund, R. Kotzé, B. Birkhofer, S. Ricci, V. Meacci, R. Haldenwang, and M. Stading
A New Numerical Method for Correction of Wide Gap Rheometry Data by CFD
N. Hamedi, J. Revstedt, E. Tornberg, and F. Innings
Invited Lectures
Polymer Rheology
Rheological Properties of Poly (Vinylpyrrolidone) as a Function of Molecular Weight
D. Marani, B.R. Sudireddy, R. Kiebach, L. Nielsen, and S. Ndoni
Cellulose Stearate in Melt and Plant Oil Suspension
I. Krasnou, E.M. Ferrer, and A. Krumme
Responsive Gelation of Hydrophobized Linear Polymer
C.G. Madsen, J. Toeth, L. Jorgensen, S. Hietala, and S. Baldursdottir
Poster Presentations
The Effect of Waste Vegetable Oil Addition on Pelletability and Physical Quality of Wood Pellets
N. Mišljenović, J. Mosbye, R.B. Schüller, O.-I. Lekang, and C. Salas-Bringas
Rheological Comparison of Bentonite Based and KCl/Polymer Based Drilling Fluids
A. Torsvik, V. Myrseth, N. Opedal, B. Lund, A. Saasen, and J.D. Ytrehus
Developing an In-Vitro Dynamic Model of the Stomach and Small Intestine for Milk Products with Rheological Monitoring
C. Salas-Bringas, E.-O. Rukke, T. Devold, G. Vegarud, C.F. Naess-Andresen, and R.B. Schüller
The Rheological Characterisation of Emulsions as Saliva Substitutes
S.M. Hanning, T. Yu, J.A. Kieser, D.S. Jones, G.P. Andrews, and N.J. Medlicott
Cross-Linking Affects Rearrangements in Acid Casein Gels: Evaluation of Acidification Conditions
N. Raak, L. Darnay, J. Brandt, S. Boye, A. Lederer, H. Rohm, and D. Jaros


2013 Vol. 21

Invited Lectures
Extensional Rheology of Polymer Melts
O. Hassager and H.K. Rasmussen
Polymer Melts and Solutions, Complex Fluids and Flows
Flow Behavior and Flocculation of MFC Suspension Measured in Rotational Rheometer
A. Sorvari, T. Saarinen, S. Haavisto, J. Salmela, and J. Seppälä
Poster Presentations
Production of Cheese Powder without Emulsifying Salt: Effect of Processing Parameters on Rheology and Stability of Cheese Feed
A.B. Hougaard, C. Varming, K.D. Johnsen, B.L. Bentsen, A. Murciano, Y. Ardö, and R. Ipsen
Renewable Gas Barriers for Paper Coating
M. Stading, E.L. Bragd, and D. Johansson
pH Dependent Polymer Surfactants for Hindering BSA Adsorption to Oil-Water Interface
S. Çolak, P. Guzman, N.J. Medlicott, H. Tenhu, J. Niskanen, A. Alhoranta, L. Jørgensen, and S. Baldursdottir
The Viscoelastic Properties of the Cervical Mucus Plug
S.K. Bastholm, N. Becher, P.R. Stubbe, I.S. Chronakis, and N. Uldbjerg
The Viscoelastic Properties of the Cervical Mucus Plug
S.K. Bastholm, N. Becher, P.R. Stubbe, I.S. Chronakis, and N. Uldbjerg
PLGA Conformational Behaviour Dependence of the Network Characterized by Rheological Study
F. Wan, S.G. Baldursdottir, M.J. Maltesen, S. Bjerregaard, C. Foged, J. Rantanen, and M. Yang
Powder Rheology
Rheological Methods and Modelling
Use of Strain Gauges to Estimate Pressure in Capillary Rheometers
C. Salas-Bringas, E. Stemsrud, T. Ringstad, O.-I. Lekang, and R.B. Schüller
Transient Shear Banding of Complex Fluids
A. Puisto, X. Illa, A. Lehtinen, M. Mohtaschemi, and M. Alava
Rheology for Industrial Solutions, Suspension Rheology
Rheological Approach for Recycling Returned Concrete
F. Curto, G. Ferrari, and S. Carrà
Rheological Characterization of Liquid Raw Materials for Solid Biofuel Production
N. Mišljenović, R.B. Schüller, E.-O. Rukke, and C. Salas-Bringas
Rheology of Food and Biopolymers
Envisioning Wheat Flour Dough as a Triphasic Medium to Predict Bubbles Stability
A. Turbin-Orger, H. Chiron, L. Chaunier, and G. Della Valle
Thermal Influence on Rheological Characteristics of Butter and Margarine during Distribution, Storage and Use
E.-O. Rukke, C. Salas-Bringas, R.K. Abrahamsen, E. Skuterud and R.B. Schüller
Colloidal Stability and Rheological Behaviour of Rapeseed Oil in Water Emulsions Stabilized with Whey Protein and Chitosan
A. Sreedhara, G.E. Vegarud, E.-O. Rukke, T.G. Devold, D. Ekeberg, and R.B. Schüller
A Method for Measuring Stickiness of Bread Dough
C. Tock, F. Gates, C. Speirs, G. Tucker, P. Robbins, and P. Cox
Insights into the Functional Behaviour of Lecithin in Oil-Based Suspensions
G. Arnold, Y. Schneider, J. Friedrichs, F. Babick, and H. Rohm
Rheological Properties and Microstructure of Buffalo Yoghurt
H.T.H. Nguyen, L. Ong, C. Lefèvre, S.E. Kentish, and S.L. Gras
Rheology of Pharmaceuticals
Development and Rheological Profiling of Biosimilar Mucus
M. Boegh, S.G. Baldursdottir, M.H. Nielsen, A. Müllertz, and H.M. Nielsen
Polymer Selection for Simulation of Rheological Properties of Human Gastric Fluid
P.B. Pedersen, P. Vilmann, D. Bar-Shalom, A. Müllertz, and S.G. Baldursdottir
Effects of Molecular Weight on Phase Separated Coatings for Controlled Release of Drugs
H. Andersson, M. Stading, J. Hjärtstam, C. von Corswant, and A. Larsson
Interfacial Rheology of Bacterial Biofilms
P.A. Rühs, L. Böni, G.G. Fuller, R.F. Inglis, and P. Fischer


2012 Vol. 20

Complex Fluids and Flows
Taylor-Couette Instability of Giesekus Fluids
M. Pourjafar and K. Sadeghy
Evolution of Floc Structure as Function of Time
T. Saarinen, A. Karppinen, and J. Seppälä
Invited Lectures
Rheology and Dysphagia: An Overview
C. Gallegos, L. Quinchia, G. Ascanio, M. Salinas-Vázquez, and E. Brito-de la Fuente
Rheology of Petroleum Fluids
H.P. Rønningsen
Modeling/Simulations and Computation
Bénard-Marangoni instability in a linear viscoelastic magnetic fluid
D. Laroze, J. Martinez-Mardones, and H. Pleiner
Shear Banding and Colloidal Models
M. Mohtaschemi, A. Karppinen, T. Saarinen, A. Puisto, A. Lehtinen, X. Illa, and M. Alava
Poster Presentations
Development of a Reproducible Powder Characterization Method Using a Powder Rheometer
S.V. Søgaard, M. Allesø, J. Garnaes, S. Baldursdottír, and J. Rantanen
Strength of Wheat Gluten Pellets Made at Different Temperatures, Moisture Contents and Compacting Stresses
C. Salas-Bringas, D. Miladinovic, T. Isaksson, O.-I. Lekang, and R.B. Schüller
Rheology in Solid Biofuel Production
C. Salas-Bringas, O.-I. Lekang, and R.B. Schüller
Rheology of Thermoplastic Cellulose-Esters
I. Krasnou, E. Tarasova, and A. Krumme
Experimental Study of Rheological Properties of Model Drilling Fluids
A. Taghipour, B. Lund, I. Sandvold, N. Opedal, I. Carlsen, T. Vrålstad, J. D. Ytrehus, P. Skalle, and A. Saasen
Rheological Characterization of Milk during Digestion with Human Gastric and Duodenal Enzymes
H. Devle, C.F. Naess-Andresen, E.-O. Rukke, G.E. Vegarud, D. Ekeberg, and R.B. Schüller
Rheological Methods and Rheometry
Rheology for Industrial Processes
Viscoelastic Properties of Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
B. Bui, A. Saasen, J. Maxey, M.E. Ozbayoglu, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, and N.E. Takach
An Experimental Study of Gas Lift Efficiency in Polymer
R.W. Time and A.H. Rabenjafimanantsoa
Displacement of Yield Stress Fluids in Inclined Pipes
K. Alba, S.M. Taghavi, and I.A. Frigaard
Rheology of Foods and Emulsions
Relation between Rheological Properties of Pectin Gels and Pectin Fine Structure
A. Ström, L. Lundin, E. Morris, and M.A.K. Williams


2011 Vol. 19

Complex Fluids and Flows
Rheological properties of fracturing fluids
I. K. O. Edy, A. Saasen and H. Hodne
Dynamics of expanding slug flow bubbles in non-Newtonian drilling fluids
A. H. Rabenjafimanantsoa, R. W. Time and T. Paz
Food and Bio-Rheology
Rheological characterization of crystallized water-in-oil emulsions during storage and use
E-O. Rukke, E. Skuterud, R.K. Abrahamsen and R.B. Schüller
Effect of acid stimulation on the dynamic rheological properties of human saliva
D. Johansson, M. Stading, C. Diogo-Löfgren and C. Christersson
Rheology and microstructure of cereal protein melts
D. Gómez-Martínez and M. Stading
Invited Lectures
Modeling/Simulation and Computational
Combined methods in rheology: Rheo-SAXS, rheo-NMR and rheo-dielectric to bridge length and time scales
T. Meins, K. Hyun, K-F. Ratzsch, C. Friedrich, B. Struth and M. Wilhelm
Rheological characterization of oil saturated powder blends based on experimental design and multivariate analysis
L. C. Saga U. B. Selmer, K. Hovde Liland, T. Isaksson and R. B. Schüller
Role of rheology on quality of polymeric articles
F. Aghazadeh, H. Hosseini and F. Seyyednajafi
Cavitation bubble regimes in polymers and viscous fluids
R.W. Time and A. Rabenjafimanantsoa
Polymer Melts and Solutions
Determination of dispersion state of carbon nanotubes/epoxy suspensions prepared by different mixing techniques
S.C. Schulz, G. Faiella, S.T Buschhorn, K Schulte, M. Giordano and W. Bauhofer
Micro-injection moulding on lab-on-a.chip(LOC)
HJ. Oh, J. H. Park, Y. S. Song and J. R. Youn
Dynamic shear rheology of PC/MWCNT composites made from PC with different molecular weights
K. Prakashan, S. C. Mun, M. Kim, H. J. Jung, Y. Son and O. O. Park
Investigation of HPMC behavior in a buffer solution using rheology and UV imaging
S. Baldursdóttir, J. Pajander, J Rantanen and J. Østergaard
A method to correlate floc size to rheological characteristics of microfibrillated cellulose water suspensions
T. Saarinen, A. Karppinen, E. Saarikoski, J. Salmela, M. Nuopponen, A, Laukkanen and J. Seppälä
Gelation behaviors of cellulose/PE-co-AA alkaline solutions
E. Saarikoski, S Lipponen and J. Seppälä
Constant force extension in polymer solutions
P. Szabo, S. Clasen and G. H. McKinley
Poster Presentations
A new non-linear parameter for polymer melts, using FT-rheology
K. Hyun, M. Kempf, D. Ahirwal, V. Rolón-Garrido., M. H. Wagner and M. Wilhelm
Modification of lipophilic suspensions rheology by lecithins and lecithin fractions
G. Arnold,Y. Schneider, S. Ortega, S. Eglin and H. Rohm
Comparison between diametral and uniaxial compression tests of pelleted feed
C. Salas-Bringas, N Misljenovic, O-I. Lekang and R.B. Schüller
Influence on particle size on strength of pelleted feed
C. Salas-Bringas, N. Misljenovic, T. Wicklund O-I. Lekang and R.B. Schüller
Solubility and solution rheology of enzymatically treated pulp
M. Rissanen, S. Syrjälä, M. Vehviläinen and P. Nousiainen
Study of viscosity of cellulose ionic liquid solutions at high concentrations
P. Järvi, M. Granström, A.W:T: King, S. Hietala, A.M. Olszewska, I Kilpeläinen and D.S. Argyropoulos


2010 Vol. 18

Oral Presentations
The missing link – sensory and rheology study of low fat stirred yoghurt
H. L. Nielsen, J. R. Hansen, J. Larsen and R. Clark
Rheological studies of butter and margarine exposed to repeated breaks in the cooling chain
E.O. Rukke, D. Kottage, R. K. Abrahamsen and R. B. Schüller
Experimental determination of time dependent yield properties
R. B. Schüller, M. Tande and L. Amundsen
Poster Presentations
Reversed extensional flow on polyisoprene melts
A. G. Bejenariu, H.K. Rasmussen, D. Auhl, A. L. Skov and O. Hassager
Controlled Foaming of Cereal Protein Foams
A. Lipia, D. Johansson and M. Stading
Flow Properties of Processed Liquid Egg White Products
C. Németh, I. Zeke, R. Juhász, L. Friedrich, J. Bata, C. Balla
Compression rheology and physical quality of wood pellets pre-handled with four different conditions
C. Salas-Bringas, T. Filbakk, G. Skjevrak, O.I. Lekang, O. Høibø and R.B. Schüller
Flow Properties of Common Norwegian Dairy Products
I. C. Zeke, R. Juhász, R. B. Schüller and E. O. Rukke
Rheological Properties of a Selection of Common Norwegian Food Products
I. C. Zeke, R. Juhász, R. B. Schüller and E. O. Rukke


2009 Vol. 17

Application of Rheology
A New Statistical Method for Determination of Wax Appearance Temperature R.B. Schüller, M. Tande
R. B. Schüller, M. Tande, T. Almøy, S. Sæbø, R. Hoffmann, H. Kallevik, and L. Amundsen
PIV Visualization of Acoustic Streaming in Non-Newtonian Fluid
H. A. Rabenjafimanantsoa, B. M. Wrobel, and R. W. Time
A Magneto-rheological Suspension for a Prosthetic Knee Joint
F. Jonsdóttir, K. H. Gudmundsson, F. Thorsteinsson, and O. Gutfleisch
Food and Polymer Rheology
Viscoelastic Properties of Saliva from Different Glands
M. Stading, D. Johansson, C. Diogo-Löfgren, and C. Christersson
The Effect of Buttermilk and Micro-Particulated Whey Proteins on the Rheological Properties of a Dairy Custard Model System
J. Nordli, R.B. Schüller, A.-G. Johansen, J.A. Narvhus, T. Almøy, and R.K. Abrahamsen
Rheological Properties of Melt-Compounded Nanocomposites of Atomic-Layer-Deposition-Coated Polyamide and Polystyrene Powders
K. Nevalainen, R. Suihkonen, T. McNally, E. Harkin-Jones, S. Syrjälä, J. Vuorinen, P. Järvelä, and N. Isomäki
Invited Lectures
Measurement Techniques and Rheology
Development of a New Capillary Rheometer that uses Direct Pressure Measurements in the Capillary
C. Salas-Bringas, O.-I. Lekang, E.O. Rukke, and R.B. Schüller
On End-Effect Correction for Couette Type Viscometers for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids
R. W. Time, H. A. Rabenjafimanantsoa, V. C. Kelessidis, and R. Maglione
Characterization of Polymer Networks by Swelling
S. M. Frankær, M. K. Jensen, A. G. Bejenariu, A. L. Skov, and O. Hassager
Rheological Behaviour of Poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) in Water-Acetone Mixtures
T. Munk, S. Hietala, K. Kalliomäki, M. Nuopponen, H. Tenhu, F. Tian, J. Rantanen, and S. Baldursdóttir
Poster Presentations
Rheological Properties of Fresh Building Materials
M. Haist, H. S. Müller, C. Küchenmeister, and J. P. Plog
Rheological Characterisation of Plant Food Dispersions
P. L. Sanchez, S. Schumm, M. Langton, and L. Bialek
Melt Rheology Affect Zein Foam Properties
T. Gillgren, T. Alvén, and M. Stading


2008 Vol. 16

General Food Rheology
Invited Lectures
Poster Presentations
Effect of viscosity on C sugar in beet sugar factories
M. Hojjatoleslamy, R. Shokrani, and A. Karbasi
Coagulation ability of cheese milk determined by a ReoRox4 instrument
P. D. Frederiksen, M. Hammershøj, P. N. Andersen, M. Bakman, and L. B. Larsen
Rheology and Functionality of Cheese Powders
I. Celigueta Torres, R. Ipsen, and T.K. Beck
Rheology in feed production
C. Salas-Bringas, O.-I. Lekang, and R. B. Schüller
Thermoassociating water-soluble polymers based on tacticity control
S. Hietala, K. Kalliomäki, M. Nuopponen, and H. Tenhu
Thermoassociating water-soluble polymers based on tacticity control
S. Hietala, K. Kalliomäki, M. Nuopponen, and H. Tenhu
Modelling rheological cone-plate test conditions
R. B. Schüller and C. Salas-Bringas
Rheology and Health
Rheological study of healthy and pathological synovial fluid after surgery for repair of rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament of dogs
T. B. Goudoulas, E. G. Kastrinakis, S. G. Nychas, L. G. Papazoglou, G. M. Kazakos, and P. V. Kosmas
Rheology and Sensory Perception
Perception of saltiness in thickened solutions as a function of rheology
A.-L. Gady, C. Morris, J. Hort, A.J. Taylor, and B. Wolf
Rheology of Diary Products
Spectroscopic prediction of rheological properties of stirred yoghurt
T. Janhøj, C. Møller Andersen, N. Viereck, and R. Ipsen
Rheology of Food Hydrocolloids
Rheology of Particles and Suspensions
Rheological properties of melt-compounded and diluted nanocomposites of atomic-layer-deposition-coated polyamide particles
K. Nevalainen, C. Hintze, R. Suihkonen, P. Eteläaho, J. Vuorinen, P. Järvelä, and N. Isomäki


2007 Vol. 15

An Introduction to Emulsions and Suspensions from Different Perspectives
Fundamental Research and Industrial Applications
Investigation of single drop deformation in complex flow fields
R. D. Egholm, P. Fischer, K. Feigl and P. Szabo
Characteristic of the velocity profiles over fixed dunes in pipe
A. H. Rabenjafimanantsoa, R. W. Time and A. Saasen
Fast sampling in oscillation mode
P. Hodder and B. Costello
Materials with High Deborah Numbers
Rheological and structural investigations on cement slurries
O. H. Wallevik, S. Kubens, H. Pálsson, B. Helgason and S. Grétarsdóttir
The pom-pom-story: From science fiction to reality
V. H. Rolón-Garrido and M. H. Wagner
Thixotropic characterization of fresh cement pastes
F. J. Rubio Hernández, J. F. Velázquez Navarro and F. J. Galindo Rosales
Polymers and Nutrition Applications
Poster Presentations
Rheological study on the aging process in a polymeric fumed silica suspension
F. J. Galindo Rosales, F. J. Rubio Hernández and J. F. Velázquez Navarro
Correlation between rheological parameters and some colloidal properties of anatase dispersions
A. I. Gómez Merino, F. J. Rubio Hernández, J. F. Velázquez Navarro, F. J. Galindo Rosales and P. Fortes Quesada
Rheological properties of a barium sulphate contrast medium
M. Stading, S. Edrud, S. Ekman, K. Wendin, M. Bülow and O. Ekberg


2006 Vol. 14

General Rheology
Extensional rheology of cereal protein systems
M. Stading, A. Oom, A. Pettersson and S. Edrud
High pressure hydrate detection in a stirred vessel
R. B. Schüller, J. Funner, V. Mathiesen, I. Gjermundsen and H. K. Kvandal
Rubber technology: Past, present, future
M. Bellander, L. Kari, S. Persson and B. Stenberg
Instrumentation and Methods
A calibration method for a nwe type of rheometer
C. Salas-Bringas, W. K. Jeksrud, O.-I . Lekang and R. B. Schüller
Invited Lectures
B. Steenberg
Poster Presentations
Rheologycal behavior of CNT-reinforced damping materials
M. V. Kireitseu, L. V. Bochkareva and D. Hui
Viscosity of enzymatically-exracted potato fibres in fruit juices
S.L. Mason, L. Degutyté-Fomins and A.S. Meyer
Rheological properties of African prolamin systems
A. Oom, S. Edrud, A. Pettersson, J. Taylor and M. Stading
Rheological characterization of two petroleum waxes
M. Petersson, I. Gustafson and M. Stading
Rheological behavior of polypropylene/organoclay composites
N. Ristolainen, T. Saarinen and J. Seppälä
Rheology of Fibre Suspensions
The wall effect on the orientation of fibres in a shear flow
A. Carlsson, F. Lundell and D. Söderberg
Rheology of Suspensions
A device to measure flow behaviour of settling particle slurries
N. Tommukayakul, J. F. Morris, R. G. Morgan and R. L. Morgan


2005 Vol. 13

General and Theoretical Rheology
Industrial Applications of Rheology
A magnetic bearing rheometer with unprecented low-torque performance
B. A. Costello, N. R. Doe, P. W. Foster and R. E. Smith
Invited Lectures
The Influence of Nanoparticles on Rheological Properties of Polypropylene
P. Fabrin, P. Peltola, E. Välipakka and K. Hanhi
Polymer Rheology
Novel aspects of the rheology of syndiotactic polypropylene: Pressure dependence of viscosity,
E. Rojo, C. Echeverria, M. Fernandez, M. E. Munoz and A. Santamaria
Poster Presentations
Rheology of non-colloidal liquid-particle suspensions
J. Hyväluoma, T. Kemppinen, P. Raiskinmäki, A Koponen, M. Kataja, J. Timonen, M.Toivakka
Rheological properties of cooked oat bran
F. K. Gates, H. Anttila, T. Sontag-Strohm and H. Salovaara
Characteristics of out-of-plane rheological behaviour of paper
T. Ponkkala, V. Kunnari and E. Retulainen,
Rheology of strongly sedimenting magnetite suspensions
J. Gustafsson, M. Toivakka, and K. K. Koskinen
Pressure-dependent viscosity of PIM compounds
T. Sedlacek, B. Hausnerova and P. Saha
In situ tensile deformation of plasticized zein films
M. Naushad Emmambux and M. Stading
Suspension Rheology
Rheological hydrate detection and characterization
R. B. Schüller, M. Tande and H. K. Kvandal
Rheology characterization of polymer drilling roams using a novel apparatus
Z. Chen, R.M. Ahmed, S.Z. Miska, N.E. Takach, M. Yu, M.B. Pickell and A. Saasen