Nordic Rheology Awards

NRS may present two awards a year and all members of NRS are encouraged to propose nominees. The Carl Klason Rheology Award and the Young Rheologists Rheology Award are given to persons active in the Nordic countries.

The Carl Klason Rheology Award amounting to 1000 Euro may be given to a person who either

  • has made outstanding contributions to the basic understanding of rheological phenomena or to the application of rheology, or
  • has made outstanding contributions to the progress of rheology in one or more of the Nordic countries.

The Young Rheologists Rheology Award with 500 Euro may be given to a young person who has made outstanding work in basic or applied rheology at the graduate or postgraduate level.

The awardees are selected from the nominations by the Award Committee which consists of Annika Sahlström, Kurt Ingar Draget, Ole Hassager and Jón Elvar Wallevik. A letter describing the nominee and a motivation can be sent to the NRS president before January 31.




9th Annual Complex Fluids Symposium
12 December, 2019, Mycronic AB, Täby, Sweden

In 2011, a joint research project between Mycronic, Chalmers Technical University (CTH) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) concerning the understanding of the ejection, development and impact of drops of complex fluids was initiated. The research, which is supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR), involves both experimental studies and numerical simulations. An important part of the project is to organize a yearly cross-disciplinary symposium for Swedish industrial and academic parties interested in the fluid mechanics of jetting and complex fluids, either fundamentally or from an applications viewpoint. The goal of this symposium is to help with the proliferation of research results and application requirements. Ample time will also be included to allow for informal discussions. We hope to see you in Stockholm in December!

For more information, please visit the Symposium website.