Charter of the Nordic Rheology Society

  1. The Nordic Rheology Society is an association of persons interested in rheology, defined as the science of flow and deformation of matter.
  2. The object of the Society is the advancement of rheology and its applications. The Society organizes scientific conferences on rheology annually in the Nordic countries, during which an annual meeting (AM) for the members of the Society is generally held.
  3. Nordic Rheology Society represents the Nordic countries as one group with one delegate in the International Committee on Rheology (ICR).
  4. The Society is governed by a Board which consists of a National Representative from each of the Nordic countries and the following Officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and ICR delegate. Each National Representative has a Deputy. The Officers, National Representatives and National Deputies are elected by the Society members at the AM and serve for a period of four years, starting on the last day of the scientific conference. The Board elects among themselves a Vice-President. Board members may be re-elected. If a Board member resigns, a successor is elected at the following AM for the remainder of the electoral period.The President or four members of the Board can call a Board meeting. The Editor of the Annual Transactions is appointed by the Board and is co-opted to the Board meetings.
  5. An Election Committee is elected at the AM to nominate suitable new members to the Board, who are to be elected at the following AM. All members of the Society can suggest candidates among the Society members to the Board. Nominations can be made to the Election Committee before the AM. Additional nominations can also be presented at the AM.
  6. The President is elected amongst the members of the Society and serves for a four-year term. A member can serve as the President of the Society for maximum of two terms, consecutive or nonconsecutive. The President’s report is presented at the AM. Four members of the Board including the President or the Vice-President form a quorum. The elected President has the authority to grant the elected Treasurer the mandate to run and manage the NRS bank accounts, and thus can sanction this change on behalf of the Society. The address of the Society is the address of the current Treasurer.
  7. The immediate Past-President is a co-opted memberof the Board serving in an advisory capacity to the currently elected Board, without voting rights.
  8. The calendar year is used for accounting. The Treasurer’s report is presented at the AM. An Auditor and Auditor-substitute are elected at the AM and serve for a period of four years.
  9. The membership fee is decided by the Society members at the AM for the forthcoming year.
  10. Amendments to the Charter are decided by the AM and require two-thirds majority. Propositions must be circulated to the members not later than 30 days before the AM. Other decisions require only a simple majority.
  11. Dissolution of the Society requires a two-thirds majority of the members present at the AM.