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Professor Anne-Marie Hermansson to receive the Carl Klason Rheology Award
Despite being most famous as an expert in food microstructure, Professor Anne-Marie Hermansson is a well-known authority in rheology. In 1991 she was involved in the initiative of transforming Svenska Nationalkommittén för Mekanik into the Nordic Rheology Society together with Carl Klason, Josef Kubát, Mikael Rigdahl, Ole Kramer, Arnljot Elgsäter and Olafur Wallevik, thus setting the scene for the progress of rheology in the Nordic countries. Professor Hermansson’s contributions to the basic understanding of rheological phenomena and application of rheology includes supervision of almost twenty PhD students, most of whom have been involved in rheological activities and rheological scientific publications. Including this, she has applied rheology in numerous cooperation projects with Nordic and international industry. One of her most cited publications presents an unusual transient state occurring during gelation of the polysaccharide kappa-carrageenan, manifested by a peak in the linear viscoelastic response.

Professor Anne-Marie Hermansson has made outstanding contributions to the basic understanding of rheological phenomena and to the application of rheology, as well as has made outstanding contributions to the progress of rheology in the Nordic countries.

The Carl Klason Rheology Award will be formally presented at the Nordic Rheology Conference & Nordic Polymer Days 2021 where Professor Hermansson will deliver a plenary talk entitled “Structure related rheology of food and biopolymers systems”. For further information, please visit the conference website.