Company Membership

The Company Members support the NRS and are active in the Society. The contribution is important for e.g. subsidising student fees at the conferences. Company membership costs 500 Euro per year and includes 5 individual members. The Company Members are always presented in the NRS Annual Transactions as Sponsors of the Society.


To become a new company member you have to first register an NRS account or, if you already have an account, sign in with your existing NRS account.

After you have signed in please go back to this page and fill in your company data in the form that will be presented here when you are logged in.


Welcome to an NRS Rheology Seminar at KTH!
On February 4 you are welcome to Stockholm for rheology networking and three short talks. Fredrik Lundell at KTH is hosting the seminar for the Nordic Rheology Society and we will start at 15.00. Sign up for the seminar in the NRS Rheology Group on Facebook and you will get free coffee and cake after the talks. The three talks are

  • Rheology in 3D printing of pharmaceuticals, by Johanna Aho
  • Rheology of complex glass-forming liquids, by Olli-Ville Laukkanen
  • Rheology and swallowing, by Mats Stading

Venue: Strömningsfysiklaboratoriet, Teknikringen 8, Rum Faxén