About the Nordic Rheology Society

The Nordic Rheology Society engages people interested in rheology in the Nordic countries.


To promote and propagate rheology at all levels throughout the Nordic Countries.


To promote and propagate rheology at all levels by building a broad forum where academia and industry, in their applicational and theoretical guises can meet, share and discuss ideas to their mutual benefit.


Rheology is defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter, which means that rheology in some form enters almost every study of material properties. In the Nordic countries, rheological measurements have become standard techniques in both industrial and academic research. The Nordic Rheology Society has been formed as a meeting ground for engineers, physicists, chemists and biologists engaged in rheology in industry and academia.

Member services

  • The annual NRC, the Nordic Rheology Conference features invited speakers of international standing as well as sessions on general rheology. Contributing papers are published in the Annual Transactions of the NRS which is distributed to the members. The NRC also offers an exhibition of rheological equipment, poster display and rheology courses which makes it the leading meeting place for industry and academia in the Nordic countries.
  • Access to the member pages on this web site including PDF-articles from the NRS Annual Transaction, and the member directory.
  • Permission to post News on the NRS web site.
  • Information about local rheology events.

Do you want to exhibit at the Nordic Rheology Conference?
The NRC gathers about 100 participants, mainly from the Nordic countries, but also from other parts of the world, to a meeting of high scientific quality and industrial relevance. During the conference there will be an exhibition of rheological instrumentation, techniques and equipment. The exhibition will be located in the main foyer of the Chalmers Conference Centre where also posters will be displayed and coffees will be served during brakes. Please have a look at the venue in the Movie and contact Johanna Andersson , +46 10 516 67 37 for more information.