Rheology Labs

Country University Institution Rheometers
Finland Aalto University Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
  • 2 x Anton Paar MCR 302
  • Capillary Break-up Rheometer (CaBER)
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Finland Aalto University Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Anton Paar MCR 301
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Finland Åbo Akademi University Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology
  • Anton Paar MCR 702 MultiDrive
  • Anton Paar MCR 302
  • Hercules Hi-shear viscometer
  • DT Capillary viscometer
  • ACAV Capillary viscometer
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Finland Lappeenranta University of Technology School of Engineering Science
  • Antor Paar MCR 302
  • Brookfield viscometer
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Finland Tampere University Laboratory of Material Science and Environmental Engineering
  • Anton Paar MCR 301
  • Göttfert Rheograph 6000 capillary rheometer
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Finland University of Helsinki Department of Food and Nutrition
  • Anton Paar MCR 702 MultiDrive
  • Thermo Haake RheoStress 600
  • Anton Paar Rheolab QC
  • Newport Scientific Rapid Visco Analyser RVA-4
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Finland University of Helsinki Polymers & Colloids group, Department of Chemistry
  • Stress-controlled shear rheometers
  • Capillary viscometers
  • Brookfield viscometers
  • DMTA
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Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Espoo AR-G2 & Discovery Hybrid-2 (TA Instruments) Show more
Norway NTNU Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, Biopolymer and Biomaterials

2 Kinexus Ultra+

Anton Paar MRC52

2 Stable Micro Systems TA.XTplus texture analyzer

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Sweden Chalmers University of Technology Kádár Group (Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter), Division of Engineering Materials, Department of Industrial and Materials Science Rotational Rheometry
    (1) Anton Paar MCR702e Space
    (2) Anton Paar MCR702 TwinDrive
    (3) Anton Paar MRC702 MultiDrive-ready (MAX IV)
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis
    (4) Rheometrics RSA-II
    (5) torsional DMA (rectangular and circular), (1)-(3)
Capillary rheometry
    (6) Göttfert RG 20 capillary rheometer
In-line instruments
    (7) 2 x Brabender 19/25D single screw extruder (custom inline setup)
Hyphenated rheological techniques
    (8) Rheo - optics, rheo - dielectric spectroscopy, rheo - small-angle X-ray scattering u.a.
Interfacial rheology
    (9) bi-cone method
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Sweden RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Formulation, Stockholm and Södertälje
  • Kinexus, Malvern
  • Rheolab MC1, Anton Paar
  • Stresstech, Reologica Instruments
  • Haake CaBER 1, Thermo Fischer Scientific
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Sweden RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Product Development, Gothenburg Shear Rheometery
  • ARES G2, TA Instruments
  • HR30, TA Instruments, incl Reomicroscope, HR cell, oven, Peltier heating
Extensional Rheometery
  • Hyperbolic Contraction Flow for extensional viscosity
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis
  • DMA RSA-II, Rheometrics, -80-600C
  • HR30 torsion, TA Instruments-80-600C, RH 5-95% in 5-120C
In-line instruments
  • Incipientus ILR
  • Met-Flow UVP
Industrial viscometers: Brookfield, Brabender Amylograph, Bostwick e.t.c.
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