Nordic Rheology Conference


The annual NRC, the Nordic Rheology Conference features invited speakers of international standing as well as sessions on general rheology. Contributing papers are published in the Annual Transactions of the NRS which is distributed to the members. The NRC also offers an exhibition of rheological equipment, poster display and rheology courses which makes it the leading meeting place for industry and academia in the Nordic countries.

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Gerald Fuller to NRC 2019
Professor Gerald Fuller is well known in the rheology community and is a recognized authority for most in interfacial rheology and a Bingham Medal Awardee. Many have heard his interesting lectures in interfacial rheology, novel techniques and bio-related applications of complex fluids. Gerry, as he is known to us, leads the Fuller Research Group at Stanford University studying flow behavior of complex soft materials. He is also a frequent guest at international conferences and we have previously met him at the NRC 2011 in Helsinki. As a previous president of the Society of Rheology (US) and of the International Committee of Rheology he has contributed much to international networking and helped starting several national societies throughout the world.