Nordic Rheology Conference


The annual NRC, the Nordic Rheology Conference features invited speakers of international standing as well as sessions on general rheology. Read more about the next NRC.
Contributing papers are published in the Annual Transactions of the NRS which is distributed to the members. The NRC also offers an exhibition of rheological equipment, poster display and rheology courses which makes it the leading meeting place for industry and academia in the Nordic countries.



Past Nordic Rheology Conferences

2019 Gothenburg Rheology of cellulose systems
2018 Trondheim Rheology for a better world
2017 Copenhagen Joint conference with the AERC
2016 Helsinki co-organised with the Nordic Polymer days
2015 Karlstad Particulate and fibrous dispersions
2014 Reykjavik Suspensions and emulsions
2013 København Rheology of pharmaceuticals, biopolymers and food powder rheology
2012 Oslo Rheology for industrial processes
2011 Helsinki Polymer solutions, suspensions and melts
2010 Göteborg Joint conference with the AERC
2009 Reykjavik Suspension and Emulsion Rheology
2008 København Food rheology
2007 Stavanger Emulsions and suspensions
2006 Stockholm Heterogeneous systems
2005 Tampere Rheology of processing
2004 Reykjavik Suspensions, Emulsions and Fresh Concrete
2003 Tórshavn Suspensions and emulsions
2002 Göteborg Rheology for processing
2001 Trondheim Rheology of mixed systems
2000 Helsinki The rheology of polymers
1999 København Process rheology and measurements
1998 Lund Gels
1997 Reykjavik Cement based materials
1996 Stavanger Industrial Rheology
1995 Helsinki Polymer rheology – Polymer melts and solutions
1994 København Food rheology
1993 Göteborg Rheology of suspensions
1992 Trondheim Inauguration of the NRS




Treesearch director with focus on paper and pulp speaker at NRC 2019
Treesearch director with focus on paper and pulp - speaker at NRC 2019 We are pleased that Daniel Söderberg, Director at Treesearch (, has accepted to speak at the Nordic Rheology Conference in August 2019. His research is related to multiphase flows, specifically in connection to processes related to the manufacturing of forest-based materials. Dr. Söderberg has a background in vehicle engineering and fluid mechanics. Paper and pulp research were on his mind from 1999 when working at Innventia, current RISE Bioeconomy. From 2014 he went back to his Alma Mater, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, as Head of the Department of Mechanics, a role he ended this year when he accepted the challenge as Director of the national research platform Treesearch. He has been active within the Wallenberg Wood Science Center ( and a part of the management team. Welcome to the NRC 2019 in Gothenburg on August 21-23, 2019. Read more at