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Tampere University
Laboratory of Material Science and Environmental Engineering
  • Anton Paar MCR 301
  • Göttfert Rheograph 6000 capillary rheometer
  • Magneto-Rheological Device (MRD): used to analyze the influence of a magnetic field on the viscoelastic properties of magnetorheological fluids (MRF) and ferrofluids
  • SER fixture for extensional rheology: provides information about molecular structure, branching, temperature stability, shrinkage, relaxations, and brittleness as well as the adhesion and peel strength of films and fibers
  • Pressure chamber for the capillary rheometer: can be used to simulate different pressure drops, thereby measuring the viscosity close to process conditions
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AERC Plenary Speaker: Sébastian Manneville
We are delighted to start the new year by introducing the first plenary speaker to AERC 2021 –Sébastien Manneville. For more information see the AERC web site.
Sébastien Manneville is a professor in physics in Lyon. He received his basic physics training at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. After completing his PhD on time-reversed acoustics applied to flow velocimetry he continued with a post-doc at Boston University specializing in ultrasound imaging. In 2001, he joined the CNRS as a junior researcher in Bordeaux and 2006 he was appointed as a full professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. His research focuses on shear-induced instabilities in complex fluids and soft glassy materials as well as developing innovative tools for soft matter and rheology based on ultrasound.
The title of his plenary talk is: Yielding dynamics of soft glassy materials: stress overshoot, shear banding and avalanches