Rheology Lab Information

Aalto University
Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Anton Paar MCR 301
  • UV curing system: allows the investigation of rheological properties during UV-initiated curing reactions e.g. in inks, glues and coatings
  • Pressure cell: can be used to simulate process conditions, measure the effect of pressure on rheological properties, or prevent sample evaporation above the boiling point
  • Immobilization cell: used to investigate the immobilization kinetics and water retention of paper coatings
  • SER fixture for extensional rheology: provides information about molecular structure, branching, temperature stability, shrinkage, relaxations, and brittleness as well as the adhesion and peel strength of films and fibers
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Meet the new NRS Board
A new board was elected for the Nordic Rheology Society at the 2020 NRS Annual Meeting on August 25:
President: Roland Kádár (Chalmers)
Secretary: Olli-Ville Laukkanen (RWTH Aachen)
Treasurer: Johanna Andersson (RISE)
ICR representative: Mats Stading (RISE / Chalmers)
Danish representative: Peter Szabo (DTU); deputy: Aamir Shabbir (Coloplast)
Finnish representative: Sanna Haavisto (Spinnova); deputy: Martina Lille (VTT)
Icelandic representative: Krishna Kumar Damodaran (University of Iceland); deputy: vacant
Norwegian representative: Catherine Taylor Nordgård (NTNU); deputy: Bjørnar Lund (SINTEF)
Swedish representative: Fredrik Innings (Tetra Pak); deputy: Gustaf Mårtensson (Mycronic / KTH)

The board will serve for a term of four years (2020-2024).

Congratulations to the new board members and best of luck in the work ahead!