The Board of the Nordic Rheology Society

The board of NRS consists of four officers and representatives from each of the Nordic Countries. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the members of the board if you want more information on the Society. The board members are:


Carl Klason Rheology Award formally awarded to Anne-Marie Hermansson
The 2021 Carl Klason Rheology Award recipient Anne-Marie Hermansson was celebrated at the Chalmers University of Technology on November 17. The award certificate was formally handed to Prof. Hermansson by the NRS President Roland Kádár, and a lighthearted presentation of her extraordinary professional achievements was given by her former doctoral student and the current ICR Representative of the NRS, Mats Stading. The award ceremony was attended by many of Prof. Hermansson's former students and collaborators, as well as by several officers of the NRS.