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Rheology is defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter, which means that rheology in some form enters almost every study of material properties. In the Nordic countries, rheological measurements have become standard techniques in both industrial and academic research. The Nordic Rheology Society has been formed as a meeting ground for engineers, physicists, chemists and biologists engaged in rheology in industry and academia.

Complex Fluids Symposium A cross-disciplinary symposium for industry and academia in fluid mechanics of jetting and complex fluids. Read more
Annual European Rheology Conference 2021 The conference is co-organized by the NRS and ESR, and it will take place in Cyberspace. Read more
Young Rheologists Days Young Rheologists Days 2021 will be organized in Giron (Jura, France) Read more
Nordic Rheology Conference & Nordic Polymer Days 2021 The format of the conference (virtual/hybrid) will be decided later based on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic Read more
SoR 92nd Annual Meeting The Society of Rheology (US) will hold hte Annual Meeting in Bangor, Maine Read more


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Majority of the rheometers on the market are stress controlled. Why do we usually measure complex relaxation moduli in the dynamic...

Is determination of the viscosity o...:
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Is determination of the viscosity o...:
There are numeerous publications presenting the viscosity of mayonnaise, as well as several stating that it is impossible to accur...

Rheology plots:
In my experience it rather depends what one is trying to illustrate, Plotting G' and G'' in the same graph often gives more 'at a...

Rheology plots:
Dear all, I have a question regarding how to plot your rheology results. In some papers I have seen G' and G'' being seperate...
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  • Regular Newsletters on relevant activities in rheology.
  • Access to the member pages on this web site including PDF-articles from the NRS Annual Transaction, and the member directory.
  • The annual Nordic Rheology Conference features invited speakers of international standing as well as sessions on general rheology, and excellent networking opportunities.
  • The Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society.
  • Information about local rheology events.


Over 370 abstracts submitted to AERC 2021
The Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2021) has received more than 370 abstracts f
The Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2021) has received more than 370 abstracts from academic and industrial researchers worldwide. The abstracts will be evaluated during the following weeks, and the authors will be notified about the acceptance of their abstracts before the early-bird registration deadline on February 19. For more information, please visit the conference website.


AERC registration is open
The deadline for abstract submission to the
The deadline for abstract submission to the Annual European Rheology Conference 2021 was January 15. Registration remains open and it is possible to register for the reduced fee until February 15. More information is found on the AERC web page.


Registration deadline approaching: Mid-Winter Meeting of the British Society of Rheology
The British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter Meeting will be held on the 18th and 19th Janua
The British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter Meeting will be held on the 18th and 19th January 2021, using Virtway Events online virtual platform.

*** The deadline for registration is 12pm (BST) on Monday 11th January ***

The theme of the meeting is "Recent advances in non-conventional rheometry”, and accepted abstracts encompass new approaches for measuring and controlling rheological properties of materials with relevance to a wide range of applications including manufacturing, healthcare, and polymer processing.
We have keynote presentations by Gerry Fuller (Stanford University), Gareth McKinley (MIT), Monica Oliveira (University of Strathclyde) and Charles Schroeder (University of Illinois).
Furthermore, our meeting includes several award lectures. These are the Gold Medal to John Hinch (University of Cambridge), the Annual Award to Daniel Read (University of Leeds) and the Vernon Harrison Award to Hugo Castillo Sanchez (University College London).
The full programme, and list of speakers, will be available on our website in due course.
Details of how to register can be found here
Registration for BSR members costs £10 and for Non BSR members costs £55. Please note that Non BSR Members are welcome to join the BSR at any time, for the cost of just £27.


AERC Plenary Speaker: Sébastian Manneville
We are delighted to start the new year by introducing the first plenary speaker to AERC 20
We are delighted to start the new year by introducing the first plenary speaker to AERC 2021 –Sébastien Manneville. For more information see the AERC web site.
Sébastien Manneville is a professor in physics in Lyon. He received his basic physics training at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. After completing his PhD on time-reversed acoustics applied to flow velocimetry he continued with a post-doc at Boston University specializing in ultrasound imaging. In 2001, he joined the CNRS as a junior researcher in Bordeaux and 2006 he was appointed as a full professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. His research focuses on shear-induced instabilities in complex fluids and soft glassy materials as well as developing innovative tools for soft matter and rheology based on ultrasound.
The title of his plenary talk is: Yielding dynamics of soft glassy materials: stress overshoot, shear banding and avalanches
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