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Åbo Akademi University
Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology
  • Anton Paar MCR 702 MultiDrive
  • Anton Paar MCR 302
  • Hercules Hi-shear viscometer
  • DT Capillary viscometer
  • ACAV Capillary viscometer
  • UV curing system: allows the investigation of rheological properties during UV-initiated curing reactions e.g. in inks, glues and coatings
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis with clamps for measurements in tension, compression and torsion
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Celebrating 30 years of the Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society: Part 4
The 30th Volume of the Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society (ATNRS) was published in conjunction with the Nordic Rheology Conference 2022. To celebrate this anniversary, we are highlighting some notable papers published in the ATNRS over the years.

The 12th Volume of the ATNRS featured a paper by de Souza Mendes and Dutra that introduced a new viscosity function for viscoplastic liquids. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this function, the authors successfully fitted it to the data for Carbopol aqueous solutions, a drilling fluid, an water/oil emulsion, a commercial mayonnaise, and a paper coating formulation. You can read the full manuscript here: Link to the paper.

Interested in reading more papers published in the ATNRS? Access the archive of ATNRS papers here (you need to be a member of the Nordic Rheology Society to access the papers published in the last two volumes of the ATNRS): Link to the ATNRS archive.