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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Industrial Biotechnology and Food & Biomaterial Processing and Products, Sustainable Products and Materials research area, Espoo
  • TA Instruments DHR-2
  • TA Instruments AR-G2
  • Anton Paar MCR 301
  • Brookfield viscometers
  • Wide selection of measurement geometries: various parallel plate, cone-plate and concentric cylinder geometries with smooth and crosshatched surface finishes (for the TA Instruments and Anton Paar rheometers)
  • Vane-in-cup geometries: for the rheological characterization of samples exhibiting wall slip, large particles and/or sensitive microstructure (for the TA Instruments and Anton Paar rheometers)
  • Interfacial rheology: Measurement of interfacial shear rheological properties (Bicone and Du Noüy Ring geometries available for the TA Instruments rheometers) and dilatational rheological properties (using an Attension Theta tensiometer or a KSV Langmuir-Blodgett Minitrough)
  • Immobilization cell: measurement of the rheological properties, immobilization kinetics, water retention and drying of paper coatings, paints, slurries and other suspensions during vacuum-assisted dewatering (for the Anton Paar rheometer)
Information Links
TA Instruments DHR-2 & AR-G2 rheometers: Martina Lille (Martina.Lille@vtt.fi) & Suvi Arola (Suvi.Arola@vtt.fi)
Anton Paar MCR 301 rheometer: Pauliina Ahokas (pauliina.ahokas@vtt.fi) & Olli-Ville Laukkanen (Olli-Ville.Laukkanen@vtt.fi)
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The 2024 NRS Annual Meeting to start at 12:45 CEST on May 30
Please note that the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Nordic Rheology Society will start already at 12:45 CEST (15 mins earlier than the originally scheduled starting time) to have sufficient time to discuss all relevant points in the agenda. The agenda of the meeting can be found here: Call for NRS Annual Meeting 2024