Rheology Lab Information

Aalto University
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
  • 2 x Anton Paar MCR 302
  • Capillary Break-up Rheometer (CaBER)
  • Polarized light imaging: allows observation of effects like flow induced crystallization processes of polymers or local shear induced effects as they may occur in liquid crystals
  • Bi-cone geometry for interfacial rheology: enables two-dimensional rheological measurements of interfacial films at the air/liquid and the liquid/liquid interface
  • Small angle laser scattering (SALS): the formation or deconstruction of aggregates in suspensions under shear can be monitored and correlated with the rheological properties
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5/15/2023 12:33:20 PM

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Wenwen Fang and Dragana Arlov elected in the NRS board
Dr. Wenwen Fang (staff scientist at Aalto University) was elected as the new Finnish representative and Dr. Dragana Arlov (CFD specialist at Tetra Pak) as the new Swedish deputy member at the NRS Annual Meeting on April 13. Their membership in the board will be one year, as the general election of the NRS will take place in 2024. We warmly welcome Dr. Fang and Dr. Arlov in the NRS board!