Rheology Lab Information

Aalto University
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
  • 2 x Anton Paar MCR 302
  • Capillary Break-up Rheometer (CaBER)
  • Polarized light imaging: allows observation of effects like flow induced crystallization processes of polymers or local shear induced effects as they may occur in liquid crystals
  • Bi-cone geometry for interfacial rheology: enables two-dimensional rheological measurements of interfacial films at the air/liquid and the liquid/liquid interface
  • Small angle laser scattering (SALS): the formation or deconstruction of aggregates in suspensions under shear can be monitored and correlated with the rheological properties
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Elect your representative in the ESR
The individual members can now elect their representatives in the governing Committee of the European Society of Rheology. You are a member if you attended the latest AERC or if you paid the membership fee. There are also representatives of the national and regional societies in the ESR Committee who are elected by these societies, see the structure on the ESR web page.
The representatives should speak for you and make sure the Committee considers all areas of rheology and all geographical areas (for ESR: Europe and Africa). So, take this opportunity to make your voice heard and elect the representatives who will represent you.
Log in to the ESR member area and click “Election Representative of the Individual Members”. The poll is open until July 25.