Nordic Rheology Conference
Gothenburg, August 21-23, 2019


The conference covered all aspects and areas of rheology. Industrial case studies and academic research papers were presented.

The NRC2019 highlighted the rheology of cellulose systems relating to the use in polymer composites, coatings, paper, pulp, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. The pulp and paper industry is important in the Nordic countries and special attention was therefore given to this field. Other subjects of special interest for NRC2019 included food, polymeric materials and bio-applications.



The NRC was held at the Chalmers Conference Centre in Gothenburg where also the AERC 2010 was held.



Gareth McKinley is an authority in rheology, from Mechanical Engineering at MIT. His research includes extensional rheometry, microfluidic rheometry and non-Newtonian fluid dynamics.

Paula Moldenaers from the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven is familiar to most rheologists in Europe. She has studied the morphology of complex fluids such as immiscible blends, liquid crystals, filled systems as well as gels, and she is a leading rheologist in the polymer area.

Alain Dufresne is well-known in the area of nano-cellulose and one of the most cited researchers in materials science. He has published a large amount of papers in the field of processing and characterization of renewable nanocomposites.

Daniel Söderberg is Director at Treesearch , the research platform for forestry based materials and chemicals. He has previously worked with paper and pulp research at Innventia (current RISE Bioeconomy) and fluid mechanics at KTH in Stockholm where he was head of the Department for Mechanics.